Chasing Tail is the premiere adult furry entertainment magazine.

New for Winter 2023, Issue 1 is out now!

Featuring more than 70 full-color photos of soft, cute, and sexy fursuiters, two long-form comics, three short stories, and over a dozen pieces of original art.

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All content in Chasing Tail Magazine is original and exclusive. You can't find this stuff anywhere else!

Issue 1 features fourteen fursuiters right from the fandom, including:
Baddie, a kitty with attitude;
Cinnabaron, a high-flying wolf;
Dashy, a funny little fox;
Easy, an easy-going deer;
Fern, a very soft doggy;
Firra, a commanding wolf;
Foster, a big fluffy lion;
Fuster, a playful possum;
Heretic, a handsome hyena;
Hex, a strong timber wolf;
Melanie, a squishy cow;
Shelby, warm and friendly husky;
River, a fierce hellhound; and
Skylor, a loving husky.

Seven original, exclusive pieces of art, spanning pinups, short comics, and illustrations, including:
 "Beach Ball" from Futaku;
 "The Brave Dragon Knight" from ThatsJustVile;
 "Do Ewe Mind...?" from Bleatnik;
 "Harambe" from NekeithFox;
 "Junk Mail" from Possessed Pasm;
 "Rattle Can" from Jayday Mayday; and
 "Showoffs" from Oxfort2199.

Two original and exclusive long-form narrative comics, illustrated and presented in full colour, including:
 "One For the Pile" from ThatsJustVile; and
 "Street Rats" from Dingo Art Productions and Julius Caesar, with an illustration by DumbDingo.

Three original and exclusive short stories, including:
 "Costumes" from TJMinde;
 "The Morning After" from NightEyes DaySpring; and
 "Not-So-Mundane Denis" from Yerikim.

Special thanks to TheBurningFox for drawing chibis for our models -- and to those models who drew their own!

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